Life in a Village…

village-life-of-india-qf82_lKLIKKIU.NET / KLIKKIU.COM Present :


Village life has a charm of its own

Infusing an ambience of quietness

At the break of dawn all rise and shine

Farmers tending to their small farms

Shepherds with flock of goats, cows and sheep

Busily grazing away on the green grass

Petite bells resounding in the air

A pleasure to watch young lassies

Tiny tots in one hand, balancing clay pots

Spilling over with water on their heads

A sweet rhythm in their steps

Bullock-carts an only means of travel

Humble straw houses, artistic diyas, a cool touch

Tempting to the taste buds, bhakris and chutneys

Eaten with gusto, a delightful treat

Chit-chatting on charpoys under the starry nights

Feeling of harmony, a sense of togetherness

A touch of joy, time stands still

Far cry from the humdrum city life…………………


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