My BestFriend’s Life

img1473924111887KLIKKIU.NET – She was the one, only one for me. We were born together, raised together. I did whatever she asked. She started influencing me so much that She became Me and I became her.

One day, something went wrong. A lucky star was watching over us but then it’s done a bunk. Our desires, hopes, likes started separating from each other. My love- her lust, my need- her greed, my strength- her shortcuts. She wanted me to be her puppet, so became I. She made me lie. I betrayed, took drastic actions and devilish decisions. She was getting on my nerves slowly and slowly.


And one day she asked me to kick my Love out of my life. Then only I dared to argue her and to change my plight. I asked her not to keep her hopes too high.

She said “He is no more suitable for you”

I asked her “Why”

“Not a penny more out of penny less.. Never pass a good thing darling, when you see it. You must move forward” Was her reply.

I said that sort of thinking can get you into the mess. It’s high time that you should just Buzz off. That was the first time I showed up courage and took my own stand. By now, I realized that might never make right. I was watching her turning cloudy and even little thunderous. Tears welled up in my eyes.

She was standing right in front of me and suddenly started disappearing like the dew of early morning. It was an hour of reflection when we lost our affection. She was gone forever. No more I could listen to her, no more she was my shadow.

Yes, She was nobody else but My Inner Soul, My Devil Soul.


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