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Habib Rizieq, Islamic Defenders Front Leader Reported To Police For Alleged Mocking The Birth of Jesus Christ

089593000_1412352736-habib_rizieqKLIKKIU.NET – The Indonesian Catholic Students Association (PMKRI) has filed charges against Habib Rizieq Shihab in Jakarta on Monday (26/12/2016) following the publication circulated on the internet of a sermon in which Rizieq questioned about the birth of God.

Rizieq Shihab, the leader of the Shariah promotion group the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) is facing criminal charges of violating Indonesia’s laws against blasphemy. In the 22-second long video, Rizieq is recorded saying: “If God gave birth, then who would be the midwife?” The statement was followed by laughter from the audience.

The comment was part of a larger sermon at Pondok Kelapa, West Jakarta on Sunday (25/12/2016), explaining the need to prohibit Muslims from wishing Christians a merry Christmas under Sharia law.

“Rizieq is one of three people reported to the police,” said PMKRI chairman Angelius Wake Kako at the headquarters of the Jakarta Police on Monday.

The two others are Fauzi Ahmad, who uploaded the video of Rizieq’s speech to an Instagram account and Saya Reya, who uploaded the video to a Twitter account.

Angelius said that as a Christian he “felt humiliated and hurt” when he heard the statement.

“All Indonesians should respect diversity by not interfering in the private room of other religions,” he said. “Only Christians know about the Christian faith. Anyone who doesn’t know about it, he better shut up,” he went on to say.

Rizieq is accused of violating Article 156 section (a) of the Criminal Code on blasphemy. The charge carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison, which reads:

By a maximum imprisonment of five years for whosoever in public deliberately expresses their feelings or engages in actions that:

a. in principle is hostile and considered as abuse or defamation of a religion recognized in Indonesia;

b. has the intention that a person should not practice any religion at all that is based on belief in Almighty God.

The law, Amnesty International notes, is most often used against non-Muslims to silence diversity of religion, and was passed “to accommodate requests from Islamic organizations to prohibit mystical indigenous beliefs.”

It is extremely rare for the law to be used to prosecute Muslims for speaking ill of another religion.

On his website, Rizieq issued a statement in which he asserted that he had hosted interfaith dialogues and that “all religious leaders are satisfied and happy” with his conduct in matter of religion. “Rizieq never insulted any religion,” the statement reads, “PMKRI, do not spread slander. Be careful, Muslims can be wrathful and anger can explode… !!!”

In another article on the site responding to the charges, Rizieq’s site calls the charges “cheesy maneuvers” that are “degrading and humiliating to police institutions.”

Novel Bamukmin, secretary general of the Jakarta Branch of the FPI, has threatened to press counter-charges against the Catholics for defamation.

Rizieq’s group, the FPI, advocates for the implementation of strict Sharia law in Indonesia, often by assembling angry Muslim mobs to protest anything the group decides is a threat to Islam. The International Crisis Group has called the FPI “an urban thug organization.”

The government has blocked Rizieq’s website in the past for promoting hate speech, but the group continues to act with relative liberty in Indonesia. The group played a pivotal role, for example, in organizing mobs demanding the arrest of Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, an ethnic Chinese Christian currently on trial for allegedly remarking on a Quranic verse some claim prohibits Muslims from being governed by non-Muslims.

Rizieq reportedly commented at length on the verse in a sermon this week, “loudly… call[ing] on Muslims to choose a Muslim leader,” according to reports.

“The scripture is divine revelation not to be revised and non-negotiable teaching that must be obeyed,” he reportedly told his audience, “While the constitution are the result of human thought. When the constitution is in line with scripture then we, as citizens, obey to the constitution. But when the constitutional clause is contrary to God’s law, it is forbidden for us to obey it.”

My BestFriend’s Life

img1473924111887KLIKKIU.NET – She was the one, only one for me. We were born together, raised together. I did whatever she asked. She started influencing me so much that She became Me and I became her.

One day, something went wrong. A lucky star was watching over us but then it’s done a bunk. Our desires, hopes, likes started separating from each other. My love- her lust, my need- her greed, my strength- her shortcuts. She wanted me to be her puppet, so became I. She made me lie. I betrayed, took drastic actions and devilish decisions. She was getting on my nerves slowly and slowly.


And one day she asked me to kick my Love out of my life. Then only I dared to argue her and to change my plight. I asked her not to keep her hopes too high.

She said “He is no more suitable for you”

I asked her “Why”

“Not a penny more out of penny less.. Never pass a good thing darling, when you see it. You must move forward” Was her reply.

I said that sort of thinking can get you into the mess. It’s high time that you should just Buzz off. That was the first time I showed up courage and took my own stand. By now, I realized that might never make right. I was watching her turning cloudy and even little thunderous. Tears welled up in my eyes.

She was standing right in front of me and suddenly started disappearing like the dew of early morning. It was an hour of reflection when we lost our affection. She was gone forever. No more I could listen to her, no more she was my shadow.

Yes, She was nobody else but My Inner Soul, My Devil Soul.

Life in a Village…

village-life-of-india-qf82_lKLIKKIU.NET / KLIKKIU.COM Present :


Village life has a charm of its own

Infusing an ambience of quietness

At the break of dawn all rise and shine

Farmers tending to their small farms

Shepherds with flock of goats, cows and sheep

Busily grazing away on the green grass

Petite bells resounding in the air

A pleasure to watch young lassies

Tiny tots in one hand, balancing clay pots

Spilling over with water on their heads

A sweet rhythm in their steps

Bullock-carts an only means of travel

Humble straw houses, artistic diyas, a cool touch

Tempting to the taste buds, bhakris and chutneys

Eaten with gusto, a delightful treat

Chit-chatting on charpoys under the starry nights

Feeling of harmony, a sense of togetherness

A touch of joy, time stands still

Far cry from the humdrum city life…………………


n-spices-and-herbs-large570KLIKKIU.NET – I believe in the art of preparation. You can make just about any food’s taste wonderful by adding herbs and spices.

We all have herbs and spices sitting in our kitchen shelf. It is interesting to know that they not only improve the taste of our food items but also have many health benefits. Sadly, most of these are kept in the kitchen shelf for a very long time which makes them lower their nutritional value. Therefore, always purchase high quality ones if you cannot grow them yourself.

Here is a list of certain herbs and spices along with some health benefits that we use in our day to day life.



Turmeric is the most common ingredient found in our Indian kitchens. It is the spice that gives the curry its yellow color making it look as wonderful as it tastes.

It has many medicinal properties in it. Cur cumin is the most important component present that helps fight cancer. Turmeric has anti-oxidant properties and it also helps in boosting anti-oxidant enzymes in one’s body. Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory and helps with joint pains. It can prove to be a great relief for people suffering from arthritis or any kind of heart condition. Also, it is a natural antiseptic for cuts and burns.




Garlic is another common ingredient used by us in our day to day lives. Almost all vegetables are cooked with garlic in it. It rises the flavor of the food and provides us with certain surprising health benefits.

Most of the health benefits in garlic is due to a compound named allicin, which is also responsible for its distinct smell. Garlic is well known for helping with cold. It is also beneficial for people with heart conditions and high cholesterol. Some studies have shown significant reductions in blood pressure amongst people with high blood pressure.




The leaves of this plant are used as herbs and the seeds as spices. It is rich in protein, magnesium, copper and iron. Fenugreek helps with lowering blood sugar and balancing cholesterol levels. Fenugreek is often recommended for pregnant women as it aids child birth and milk production while lactating.




Ginger is becoming very popular in our lives. Tea drinkers love having tea with a lot of ginger in it. It adds an amazing flavor to the food item it is added to, it is a good thing that there are many recipes coming up with ginger in it.

Ginger is helpful with nausea. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps in pain reduction. Ginger has certain cleansing properties which makes it an effective anti-cancer food.




Mint is used widely around the world. It is also known for its strong flavor. It contains iron, magnesium and copper. A lot of people enjoy a tea made up of peppermint or spearmint leaves. The oiling properties in it is often used in toothpaste, chewing gum and breath fresheners.

Mint is highly effective with stomach problems. Mint is very useful in curing skin irritations and helps with teeth whitening. Mint juice is said to cure irritable bowel syndrome, thereby preventing constipation.




Aloe Vera is just an amazing plant. Not only does it look wonderful but has incredible health benefits. This herb is very effective in healing wounds and burns. Aloe Vera juice is considered a significant juice with many healthy properties in it. People with diabetes and elevated blood lipids are often advised to consume Aloe Vera juice.

Aloe Vera proves to be a very effective skin care agent. It can help with minor skin infections.




Cumin is one of the most used herbs around the world. It is used to prepare almost all kinds of dishes.  Not only does it provide you with a better taste, cumin is known to have many antimicrobial properties. Hence, we know why cumin is so worthy of that special spot in our kitchen shelf.

Cumin provides you with minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and thiamine which are needed by our body on a daily basis. Cumin is very effective for digestion and people suffering from diabetes should often keep themselves familiar with it. It is also helpful in improving the sperm count.




Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes then you might be familiar with this spice as it is widely used in deserts and baking. But are you aware that it also has health benefits?

Nutmeg is known to have detoxifying properties. You can find it as an ingredient in many detox beverages. It is helpful in getting you a good sleep. It is used as a natural remedy for digestive problems.




Now keep one thing in mind. Most of the health benefits of saffron comes from its extract and not the seasonings that you find in stores.

Saffron has anti-oxidant properties. It is known to be effective in the treatment for depression, as well as menstrual cramping. Obviously clinical depression is a serious condition and you should consult a doctor for exploring more.




When it comes to problems like indigestion and heart burn, many of us like nonmedical ways. After all not every individual prefers taking medicines for minor problems. Cardamom is a very effective herb for problems like these.

Also, it has many anti-oxidant properties in it which lets influx of toxins from our body. It helps you lower your blood pressure.




This might come to you as a surprise that curry powder has many health benefits apart from being a great spice that adds up an amazing flavor to almost all our dishes. You can never go wrong with this spice.

Curry powder is a mixture of many spices some of which are mentioned separately in our list. This means that it has a combined health benefit of many spices in it. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it has anti-cancer benefits.

Curry powder isn’t just meant for the vegetables. You can add a pinch of it to the salad as well and feel the rise in flavor.




Oregano is most commonly used in Italian and Greek cuisine but it goes well with a vast number of food items.

The amount of vitamins and minerals it contains is highly impressive. Oregano has anti-oxidant, antiviral and antibiotic properties. The leaves and oil of oregano have medical benefits and they are used for the treatment of cough, cold and body ache.

Adding oregano to a bowl of soup can be a very healthy habit.




Cinnamon is a very common spice in our household but usually it has been kept there for years. It is a spice that is used with sweet and savory dishes due to its strong flavor. Cinnamon is extracted from the inner bark of various trees. A tea spoonful of cinnamon contains calcium and iron.

Cinnamon has the highest anti-oxidant properties as compared to most of the spices. It is one of the most common spice with medicinal properties in it. It also helps in keeping your food protected, the food doesn’t spoil soon and stays longer than usual with cinnamon in it.

It reduces digestive problems and controls blood sugar levels. Cinnamon is also known to improve the function of brain.



BLACK PEPPER                

Perhaps the most common spice used in the world. Black pepper is made out of a fruit known as Peppercorn, which is usually dried and used as a spice. It is used as one of the best home remedies.

Pepper is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Black pepper is most important due to its ability to reduce inflammation and excessive gas.

It cures constipation and diarrhea. It is also known to reduce lung problems. Sore throat can be cured using pepper.




Cloves have a very strong taste and is a very common flavoring agent. Cloves are aromatic dried flowers. They are high in minerals and have anti-fungal properties. They are anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic in nature.

Cloves contain certain volatile compounds and oil which help in protecting against cancer, improving digestion and balance bodily fluids. It is also known to eliminate premature aging.

Cloves has many health benefits. It is effective in relieving toothache. It reduces stress, cough, bronchitis, asthma and infections.

Cloves (spice) And Wooden Spoon Close-up Food Background



Holy basil has a special spiritual reverence in India.

Holy Basil or Tulsi is one of the ancient herbs that has been used for medicinal purposes. Most of us are aware of its health benefits. It is considered to be the best Ayurvedic medicine. This herb is rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, folate, iron, copper and zinc.

It is known to be a natural cure for many diseases. Basil leaves aid fever (especially dengue and malaria) very quickly. Holy Basil leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and are very effective with skin infections, kidney stones, dental and eye problems.  It reduces ulcers and mouth infections. It is also known to sharpen memory.

Medicinal holy basil or tulsi leaves





How to become healthy and fit


Kick Your Bad Habits

Well, some of them at least. The other ones you might just be able to cut back on. Habits in the “quit” category would be smoking, drugs, unsafe sex and other unhealthy addictions. There’s just no way to do any of these in a “healthy” way. It might take some time, but it’s worth it if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, there are some habits that are not so bad, but can easily become a problem if taken too far. These include alcohol, sugar, caffeine and junk food. These things in moderation or on a “once-in-a-while” basis are doable, as long as the majority of your choices are mindful and healthful.

Get Your Checkups

Get to your doctor for your annual physical just to make sure everything is as it should be. If you have insurance, usually these services are covered, so take full advantage of your benefits. That being said, know your own body so that you are aware when something seems awry. Do breast or testicular self-exams, and get suspicious moles checked out. Get exams regularly even if you are healthy, so that if and when something is abnormal, you know about it and can take action, in conjunction with your doctor.


Sleep affects our physical and mental health tremendously, and many of us do not get enough. Lack of sleep adversely affects metabolism, mood, concentration, memory, motor skills, stress hormones and even the immune system and cardiovascular health. Sleep allows the body to heal, repair and rejuvenate itself in a way it simply cannot when a person is awake.


Even if you just get out for a walk a few times a week, exercise is important for being fit and healthy. Cardiovascular exercise helps to strengthen the heart and lungs, strength training helps to strengthen the muscles and stretching helps to reduce the risk of injury by increasing flexibility. Exercise also improves circulation and body awareness, and regular exercise can help combat depression.

Eat Healthfully

Get as many fresh fruits, vegetables,and whole grains into your diet as possible and make them the main part of your overall diet. Include lean sources of protein such as poultry, fish, tofu and beans. Eat balanced meals and do not overeat. Stop eating before you become completely full and give yourself a chance to digest your food. Snack on whole foods such as fruit, vegetables and nuts. Avoid highly processed foods that contain artificial sweeteners or colors, hidden sugars or excessive fat.

Drink Water

Our bodies are made mostly of water. Most fluids and foods contain water that will help to keep our bodies hydrated, but fresh, clean, plain water is still the best and healthiest beverage for maintaining a healthy body. It is the most natural cleanser for our organs and digestive system. Being hydrated is crucial for the brain as well as for helping to flush toxins out through the skin (perspiration) and urine.

Healthy Is In the Eye of The Beholder

foodpyramidcircus1KLIKKIU.NET – According to the old saying:  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

“Healthy” also seems to be in the eye of the beholder, especially when that beholder is a scientist pushing the latest theory on what’s good for us and what’s not.

Take this pop quiz to test your health knowledge:

  1. Soy is:
    1. Good for you – it prevents heart disease
    2. Bad for you – it causes cancer
  2. Caffeine is:
    1. Good for you – it improves brain function and prevents certain cancers
    2. Bad for you – it leads to early death
  3. Alcohol is:
    1. Bad for you – it increases risk of liver damage and some cancers
    2. Good for you – it prevents heart disease
  4. Cigarettes are:
    1. Bad for you – they cause cancer
    2. Good for you – they decrease appetite

If you answered “A” to all questions, congratulations – you got 100%!

If you answered “B” to all, don’t feel bad – you’re also 100% right!  Science has held each one of these positions at various times; often at the exact same time.   When it comes to defining what’s healthy and what’s not, science has done more flip-flopping than a political candidate after the election.

Even the trusty food pyramid has changed over the years.  It used to have four tiers with the biggest portion devoted to bread and cereal.  Ten years later they changed the proportions, flipped the pyramid sideways, and made it look like a circus tent.  Now experts have trashed the pyramid altogether in favor of a plate.  How is the average Joe supposed to know what to think?

Science is clueless.  We’re just as likely to get it right by making up our own rules…and so I have.

Introducing the Peg-o-Leg Recommended Food Pyramid.  I’ve used the original 4 layer concept to reinvent the pyramid, incorporating the most important food groups.  From bottom to top:

  • Bottom layer: The entire structure is anchored by this, the most important food group: chocolate.

Here you’ve got your double chocolate layer cakes, Little Debbie treats, Moose Tracks Ice Cream and the occasional box of Godiva or other good chocolates received as gifts.  6-11 servings per day.

  • Second layer: The next layer is split between grains and milk.

Grains include donuts, eclairs, bakery bread and waffles.  Some think we should include pizza here because of the crust, especially Chicago style, but the scientific community is split on this.  3-5 servings per day.

Milk includes ice cream (note a perfectly acceptable overlap with the chocolate layer) cheese (in blintzes, fondues or with mac,) and hollandaise sauce.   2-4 servings per day.

  • Third layer: This layer is split between steak and appetizers.

Steak includes prime rib (with creamy horseradish sauce,) rib eyes and Chateaubriand when at a fancy restaurant on an expense account or when someone else is buying.   2-3 servings per day.

Appetizers include onion rings, mushrooms, cheese, pickles and anything else battered and fried.  It also includes that spinach/artichoke dip that makes you think it’s healthy because it contains green veggies, but because of the chips, cheese and cream packs on 3700 calories per serving.  This category encompasses pretty much the first couple of menu pages at Applebee’s, Chi-Chi’s, and all the rest of the fern bar restaurant chains.  2-3 servings per day.

  • Top layer: This small layer consists of fish, veggies, beans, yogurt and grains that are not donuts. These should be consumed sparingly.

I’m considering writing a book on my new, healthy living food pyramid.  With everybody so health conscious nowadays, I bet it would sell like hotcakes…with plenty of butter and syrup.