KLIKKIU.NET – None of us can get through this life alone, we are not made that way.  We are born into a family group and from there we spread out into the world and join other groups.  We make friends along the way, special people we want to be with, that give us something and get something back from us.  Real friendship is a blessing, … Continue reading Friendship


Love’s Playground

KLIKKIU.NET – Down in love’s playground All relationships captured In childhood amber Here, giggling on swings One pushing and one kicking, Never together Here, on climbing frame A mad scramble to the top; King of the castle Here, swooshing down slides Patiently waiting their turn For such fleeting joy Here, merry-go-round Spinning faster and faster Out of all control Here, levered see-saw Where, for one to … Continue reading Love’s Playground


Radical Authenticity – Lately it feels like there’s a rebellion afoot. More and more, I’m seeing writers challenge platitudes about living authentically and mindfully. I like mindfulness and authenticity. I also like honesty and candor. That’s why Dani Shapiro’s featured Discover post, On Authenticity, resonated with me. In it, she describes the nearly ubiquitous practice of scrolling through our social media feeds and the gnawing insecurity that often … Continue reading Radical Authenticity


How to Create Photos that Tell Stories – Let me start with a quote from a manga series “Boys Be” which was created and written by Masahiro Itabashi. Spoken by the main character in the series Kyoichi Kanzaki, the visual artist eloquently said: “There are many books in the library. Each book has a wonderful story that will never happen in reality. But when you fall in love, reality becomes a story far more beautiful … Continue reading How to Create Photos that Tell Stories


No Face – Closure. Connection. Comprehension. I’m not sure if these are the perfect words for what I want out of myself. They just look safe. They just seem like the type of diction people find in their lives that makes them understand what they’re all about. I’ve hated people for it. Knowing themselves, understanding their limitations and aspirations. I’m not sure how anyone can actually … Continue reading No Face